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Why Maths Explained

Maths Explained is a series of short videos which do as the title suggests... they explain maths.

Creates building blocks

The videos explain maths from the beginning, developing an understanding of and confidence in using numbers and maths.

Research based

They are underpinned by Steve’s research and experience and on research from leading experts from around the world.

Illustrates concepts simply

The videos use simple and clear visual images, often animated, to illustrate the concepts.

Unlocks learning barriers

They are designed to address and circumvent the learning barriers that prevent so many people from succeeding in maths. There is attention to the details that assist learning.

Supports memory

The videos have a developmental structure and inter-linked so that understanding supports memory. This is not about a dependence on rote learning.

Learn at your own pace

The videos, whole or part (you may not need to watch all of a particular video at a stage in your learning, as some parts will be looking ahead to more advanced work), can be watched repeatedly until understanding is secure. No one will say, 'I've already explained that to you too many times'.

Foundation to build on

The videos are not a quick-fix compendium of 'tricks' and mnemonics. They build and link knowledge and constantly reflect back on the roots of maths.

No age range

The videos are not age-specific (for example, there are no dancing clowns or elephants). Any age of learner can benefit from these videos.

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